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Note:  It is important that you determine the cause of your low back pain.  See your doctor as soon as possible to ensure safety or before starting any exercise routine. Until then, consider these environmental changes that could be an attributing factor.

Call your immediately doctor if:
* Your low back pain is severe, doesn't go away after a few days, or it hurts even when you're at rest or lying      down.
* You have weakness or numbness in your legs, or you have trouble standing or walking.
* You lose control over your bowels or bladder.

Low Back Pain / Sciatica

Be aware of your posture in all body positions. Often times, back pain is due to poor posture. The front muscles become weak and shortened, and the muscles in the back become weak and lengthened. Be especially aware of body mechanics when lifting objects from the floor.  When working in a sedentary position, get up and stretch the other way every 30 minutes.

Low Back Pain / Sciatica

Stop sitting on the problem! Make sure when sitting in your office chair, remove your wallet. Sitting on ANY item can cause a rotation in the pelvis and obstructs the sciatic nerve, which runs directly through your back side.

In addition, anyone who travels sitting on a wallet more than 30 minutes is a candidate for sciatica or low back pain.